"Roaming Reedus has been mailed out :) soon to be in Argentina"
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Awesome!! Thanks Cor :D



August 5th 2013 - Roaming Reedus in Phoenix, AZ

Took a drive to South Mountain park and did some exploring.

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Roaming Reedus is on the move again! His first stop was with me in Chicago. I took him downtown to see the Bean, Buckingham Fountain and other sites. We even found Clark St. in honor of Sean Clark.

On Monday I’ll be sending him off to Indiana to continue this adventure!

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Alright!! Roaming Reedus is back on the road!

NOTE: If you have already had RR and we didn’t post your pictures, let us know and we’ll post them ASAP!

Hi everyone!! It’s been a while! After some technical difficulties with mailing and being able to contact people, we are finally working on getting the Roaming Reedus project back up and running today :)


"I just got RR today. I won't be able to do anything with him until Friday after work at the earliest so I am going to try to get it done that night or Saturday because of work. He'll be sent out no later than Mon afternoon. Let me know who I need to send it to"
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Sounds fabulous darling! We will send the address via EMAIL because tumblr likes to eat posts! We’re not on AS tight of a schedule now that we got to the conventions we wanted to :)

Megan T. Please confirm you have sent RR!

We have tried to contact you several times without a reply this week :) Just doing this so that tumblr won’t eat him.



Just realized I never posted my pictures with Roaming Reedus. Here he is in my hometown, Franklin, Indiana. We may or may not have gone to the library to research love spells. 



More pictures with the little guy. At an old theater, The Art Craft, plus taking a spin in my jeep. Oh, and the egg I had that morning was double-yolked which is good luck according to my mom. I promise he doesn’t have salmonella.