It’s a paper Reedus doll, laminated onto card stock that will travel through the snail mail to visit every participating Reeduslut. Once you have him, you must take him around, maybe to landmarks or someplace special to you, take at least one picture for our blog, (or several if you wish) and then with the included journal, use one page to tell us all about your day together with your little baby Reedus. Sign it, and you’re good to go. Once you’re done you will contact us for the next address, and you will ship him off! Once everyone has had him, we will ship the doll, journal, and pics off to Norman himself! Exciting, right???


Firstly, you need to follow this blog here: It will be SOLELY for updates about Roamin’ Reedus. Nextly you need to send us a submit form with your address/shipping details for us to compile into a list.You must be comfortable with giving this out, and if you are a minor, please be sure you ask your parent’s permission first! We’re all pretty cool here at Reedusluts, but it’s best to be safe! That’s all you have to do to get going, we’ll organize the rest. You may submit your address here:


Roaming Reedus will start off in Texas with Megs, and then we will calculate the most sensible traveling route/tour dates for him and make a list. She will spend her day with him, and ship him off to the nearest Reeduslut who will do the same. This entire project could crash and burn if you don’t do your part and send it off to the next Reeduslut, so we’re counting on you not to keep him to yourself. Not that we’d blame you if you did! It will be all together a very light package, but there will be shipping costs, especially for those who end up with the duty of shipping it internationally. Please let us know if you’re willing to be this person, we will plan accordingly.


Because it’s fun, it brings unity to us Reedusluts, and in the end we think it will be something really super special for Norman to get from his fans.


  • Please do not join this if you are unable to pay for the small shipping charges you will incur sending him off.
  • Please do not join if you’re not able to get to a post office, or don’t have the means to take photos and participate fully.
  • We’d love for everyone to join in but that’s just not practical.

Thanks guys!

- The Reedusluts Team,

Megs x Emma x Kenzie

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